21 and livin' in LA. Grew up in Japan. College Student majoring in Animation.

Some Fujifilm Instax Mini 8 pictures from my winter break in Hawaii with my family, boyfriend, and best friend! Not really looking forward to going back to LA, cause I’ll miss them, but I needa get back to work and make some $$$ for the plans I have this year haha. Just gotta countdown till summer vacation! 

Yay 2014!

I have a good feeling about this year!

For one, I’m almost done with college. Just have to crank out those last 30ish credits and I’ll walk Spring 2015! I’ll finally be done with college and have a Bachelors Degree with my name on it. I wasn’t able to finish on the 4 year plan, but an extra semester ain’t gonna hurt. Besides, who can really finish college in 4 years nowadays?

Another thing, is that in 2013 I learned that worrying kills the mind and the body. Why worry about things that you really shouldn’t be worrying about. Being the person that I am, its kind of hard not to worry. I just really need to work on letting go of the little things and focus on the more big important things (at least thats what Beyonce says, haha). I need to be a little more selfish and get things that I want for myself and that will help me form my future. No more settling for less than what I really want. If something happens that makes me unhappy, I got to do something about it and not let it haunt me. 

Also this year its time to really grind in my routine to live a healthier lifestyle. Being on winter break and visiting my family, seeing them and how active they are, really hit me and how I need to become more fit. Before coming on vacation I like to think I was eating healthier, I was getting the diet part down but I need to definitely focus more on the physical part haha. 

I don’t like to think I’m setting new year resolutions, cause those only last like 1 or 2 weeks. Since I’m getting older and reaching the goals that I made for myself in high school, like graduating college, I think its time to re-prioritize my life and adjust it for life after college. My mom always tells me that since I’m still young its easier to get some kind of routine in your lifestyle, because once you get older its way harder, and you end up not having the kind of body you wished you had. I don’t want to be in my late 30s and realize that this is the time where I need to start working out and loose all those pounds I gained over the past 10 years. And then when you do, because of age, your bones will start to give out and then it leads to other health problems. By starting earlier, I’m giving myself a chance to live healthier and possibly longer and dodge diabetes and maybe even cancer. 

I just have to keep re-reading this post throughout this year and more to come to remind myself that this is what I want. To finish school, worry less, focus on myself, my future, and live healthy and happy.